You will have asked yourself who is behind this #project, and here you are; is a project created by a young entrepreneur, motivated to create an #ecommerce that breaks down barriers and gives customers across Europe the possibility of buying quality at a good price. The idea is to make the shopping experience as simple as possible, because we value your time and your satisfaction.
Shoppero has a high-end #boutique section, the high-quality categories of #clothing#shoes#bags and accessories from world-renowned European brands are available at cheaper prices. Our suppliers come from Italy and the ordered products arrive via the best couriers in circulation.
At the same time, you can find products for your #home#garden#car and #electrodement on our website.
For the little ones, we have a wide range of toys.
Shipments to Italy are at a fixed price, and starting next week, we will offer delivery with pick up in store from Sofia at an extremely low price.
Stay tuned and keep an eye on offers on
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Venelina Tosheva